Quite Possibly One of the Best Commericals of All Time

Screenshot 2017-10-30 14.06.25Very few people like commercials, and with good reason.  Their job typically is not only to sell you something, but  more insidiously, convince you that you need what you likely don’t.

It’s no wonder most people go out of their way to avoid them, though that creates a problem, namely if you don’t watch the commercials it potentially creates a situation where–if enough people follow suit–an advertiser might decide to stop supporting a show you happen to like because they’re not seeing the anticipated result of the ad spend.

Though Geico commercials are different in that in the past five or six years they’ve come to understand that if you can people entertained, they’re likely not to turn the channel (or mute the volume, a favorite of mine when working on my computer).

Such thinking lead to this most recent Geico advert, which works on so many levels, with nostalgia being the most noticable.

That what’s really interesting is that I clicked on this advert, as opposed to it playing whether or not I wanted to see it.  And that may sond like a trivial thing, but I suspect advertisers would give a body part to create advertising that viewers actually sought out, as opposed to avoided.

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