Do the ‘One Step Forward, Two Steps Back’

If you’ve visited these parts before, you probably picked up on an undercurrent, a intimation of dislike if you will, for the Syfy Channel.

If so, let me be clear: My irritation with Syfy is like a rash that flares up often enough that a more sensible person would have sought medical attention long ago.

My most recent problem?  They cancelled The Expanse, a series that had only been on the air for three seasons.

Why does that bother me, you may ask?  After all, I think I saw maybe two episodes–if that?

You see, I’m still smarting over the cancellation of Dark Matter, which was also in it’s third season when things went…well…dark.

And let’s be clear.  Three seasons is barely enough time to develop a storyline, especially one as ambitious as Dark Matter’s

Though to be fair I think I get it.  Dark Matter and The Expanse were likely expensive series to produce, so why bother when you can produce drek like ZNation or wrestling (what science fiction has to do with wrestling is a bit beyond me, until you take into account that wrestling means ratings).

So that’s the long and the short of it.  Syfy apparently places greater value over ratings as opposed to quality.

And I honestly get that though what it does mean is that it’s even more unlikely that the next Battlestar  Galactica will come from the channel.

And that’s the rub, especially since what Syfy is supposed to do is develop–and I know that this is a reach here–science fiction/fantasy-based series.

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