Trailer Into REaction – The New Mutants (2020) | Official Trailer

Earlier today the official trailer for The New Mutants dropped and…it’s not entirely different from the trailers that dropped two years ago.

Yes, this movie was in the pipeline for that long.

At the time Josh Boone’s movie wasn’t well regarded among Fox executives and since the purchase of their movie assets by Disney a lot of people were under the assumption that the movie would end up on the, at the time, proposed streaming platform Disney+.

But apparently The New Mutants is going to be released after all, which implies heavily that whatever it was that Boone did after the original shoot has met with the approval of Kevin Feige, the head honcho over at Marvel Studios.

Though whatever those changes are–assuming those changes were actually made–are nowhere to be seen in this trailer, which doesn’t look significantly different than what we’ve already seen.

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