REview: Radioflash (2019) | A Newly Discovered Gem

I have never heard of Radioflash before I caught it on Hulu recently, but this is a damn excellent movie.

The movie revolves around the odyssey of a father and daughter Chris and Reese (Dominic Moynahan and Brighton Sharbino) who’re trying to reach their grandfather, Frank (Will Patton) who lives deep in the backwoods after a nuclear device sets off an EMP (electormagnetic pulse)

You never see the actual event, which is good because this probably is a low-budget movie (though visually you could hardly tell because it’s gorgeous to look at) and it could have been brought down by some cheesy CGI.

Though instead it deals with humans coping with a for the most part an unseen disaster, and it works.

It’s not only thrilling, exciting and well-done but also somehow manages to evade most of the pitfalls movies in the nuclear disaster genre tends to fall into (which tends to play like variations of Mad Max).

As I said in my video, I don’t know why it is that I haven’t heard of this movie prior, but it’s well worth watching on Hulu.

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