REview: Invincible, Season 1 | Ep. 04 (2021) “Neil Armstrong, Eat Your Heart Out”

Neil Armstrong, Eat Your Heart Out” is interesting because – compared to the three earlier episodes of Amazon’s Invincible – it’s the weakest yet.

And keep in mind: This series releases a new episode each week. There’s no excuse I can find for the animation to take such a nose dive though I have a theory.

Invincible has what’s probably really expensive voice casting, with actors like J.K. Simmons, Steven Yuen, Sandra Oh, Mark Hamill, Clancy Brown, etc, which from the look of the episode implies that costs were cut somewhere.

Unfortunately, they appear to have been in the animation department, which is a problem since we’re talking about a cartoon.

The hand-drawn animation (which I appreciate, though when you set a certain standard for the first three episodes you don’t – or at least shouldn’t – get lazy on the fourth) looks scratchy and “fast,” which is really weird when you consider that this series airs every week, not every day (which if it did I could at least understand it being a bit rushed though I have no idea when the series is produced. Amazon could have potentially shot every single episode and chosen to just release one a week. Who knows?).

And if that weren’t bad enough, the series has introduced storylines that feel as if they’re competing with the main one (Why were The Guardians of the Globe murdered).

Which distracts me even more than that sketchy art.

Lay the groundwork for potential stories, but they shouldn’t be larger or distract from what you’re already doing.

I’m going to check out the fifth episode of Invincible though if things don’t improve drastically it might be my last for awhile.

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