Crowning The King of Spies

Remember when Netflix cancelled Jupiter’s Legacy (2021) after a single season? I do because it wasn’t that long ago and I thought that it was a bit premature (though considering the production issues connected to the series – which came out after the fact – I shouldn’t be too surprised) though I didn’t think they’d get back on the horse quite so soon.

The latest project from Millarworld, the comic company founded by Mark Millar, to premiere on Netflix will be King of Spies, which even down to the name, sounds very much Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014), a movie series also created by Mark Millar before the Netflix purchase of the company.

Though by my reckoning what’s most interesting about King of Spies is that it’s being created especially for Netflix, as opposed to being based on a pre-existing Millarworld property (like Super Crooks, which as far as I’m aware is still happening).

I have to admit that I care more about Super Crooks than King of Spies because as I’ve mentioned it seems very similar to Kingsman, and I’ve never been a huge fan of those movies.

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