Greg Berlanti: Heir To The Throne?

Greg Berlanti

According to Greg Berlanti is being considered for a Kevin Feige-esque role by David Zaslav, the new head of Warner Bros Discovery, and I’m kind of torn. I mean, sure Berlanti shepherded the numerous Arrowverse series on the CW Network, but let’s be honest, the ratings threshold for those shows was significantly lower there than on the Big Three (ABC. CBS and NBC).

For instance Supergirl ran for a year (a single season) on CBS before it was cancelled and picked up by the CW, where it ran for FIVE seasons, strongly implying that what it takes for a show to thrive on the former is significantly different on the latter.

And Berlanti co-wrote the screenplay to 2011’s Green Lantern, a pretty outstanding – and rare – box office failure for Martin Campbell (Goldeneye, Casino Royale) though that movie was such a clusterfuck that there’s more than enough blame to go around.

That being said, if he were interested he at least seems to understand the comics enough to remain reasonably faithful to them though perhaps the most significant difference between the two is that Feige originally had access to only second-string characters like Captain America, Thor and Iron Man while Berlanti (or whomever takes the position) would at least have access to every character in the DC Comics stable.

That access is why it’s so confounding that no one at Warner Bros. can seem to do the job right.


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