Black Adam Crosses $100M at the Domestic Box Office But is it Enough?

According to, Warner Bros/New Line’s Black Adam will soon cross the $100 million mark in the United States, bringing its box office worldwide to almost $167 million ($166,839,000).

And that’s a lot of money, until you take into account two things.

The first is that the movie had a 63% drop-off in its second week, which is high. Somewhere in the low to mid-50’s is more common for superhero movies in that period.

And perhaps more importantly, Black Adam had a production spend somewhere in the ballpark of $195 million, meaning that it’s going to have to earn about $400 million to break even.

As I mentioned last week, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is coming November 11, and it’s likely to get all the monies.

Which means if Black Adam doesn’t hit at least $400 million before that happens, which isn’t terribly likely, it’s not going to happen at all.

That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to fail, after all I expect it to put up particularly strong numbers in the streaming space, but I don’t think there’s getting around that the movie is underperforming.

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