Namor May Not Care, But You Should

I caught Black Panther: Wakanda Forever last night and think I might be seeing it again soon, which for me is a pretty ringing endorsement (also because I was so blown away by the initial viewing I need to see it again with a more critical eye).

I didn’t think much of Black Panther (2018) – it’s one of the few Marvel movies I haven’t added to my collection – though the sequel is a whole other animal.

In fact, I teared up more watching it than any movie in recent memory.

And Namor (Tenoch Huerta) is amazing because unlike Zach Snyder’s interpretation of Superman, Ryan Coogler and Joe Robert Cole not only understand, but seem to genuinely likes Namor so despite altering his origin, he’s very much the same character from the comics because the qualities that made him so have transitioned intact to the live-action space.

And there’s no way that I can get away from talking about his ankle wings – which are pretty goofy in the comics as well as live action because they make no sense. There’s no way wings so small could support his weight, never mind their location (which makes me think that he may have been loosely based on the Roman/Greek god, Mercury/Hermes).

But then again these movies are based on comic books, where very little makes any sort of real world sense though like most fantastical movies they exist within their own logic, which is something any comicbook reader can tell you.

What makes Wakanda Forever so awesome is that it trades in very real feelings and emotion, which are things everyone can relate to.

Though at the end of the day the ankle wings are perfectly okay because they’re integral to who Namor is. Get rid of the ankle wings and the attitude, then it’s not the Sub-Mariner.


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