The X-Files: Culturally Speaking

According to the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) Ryan Coogler (Black Panther, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever) is going to launch a reboot of Chris Carter’s The X-Files, a series that ran from 1993-2018 and revolved around two FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) agents tasked with investigating weird and uncanny cases.

The series had some great seasons, particularly earlier in it’s run till it eventually collapsed under the weight of its own overly convoluted mythology.

According to Carter, Ryan Coogler intends to revisit the show with a more diverse cast and I think that’s a great idea though what I think is more important is if it’s from a more culturally expansive perspective.

For instance, whenever the series touched upon such things as far as black people are concerned it was either fairly negative, such as prisoners – The List (S3, E5) – or immigrant-centered, be they from Haiti – Fresh Bones, (S2, E15) – or Africa – Teliko, (S4, E3).

And that’s not to imply that there’s anything wrong with prisoners or immigrants, no matter where in the world they come from but it would have been nice to have featured stories revolving around African-American culture as well, after all, there’s plenty of it, and I was always surprised the series never took advantage of it.

Though to be fair The X-Files was never great about spending time with most cultures for any length of time, with the possible exception of Native American with stories like Shapes (S1, E19), Anasazi (S2, E25), The Blessing Way (S3, E1) and Paperclip (S3, E2).

There were episodes that revolved around other groups, like Hell Money (S3, E19) – Chinese-Americans – El Mundo Grio (S4, E11) – immigrants from Latin America and Jewish culture – Kaddish (S4, E15) – though this ‘one and done’ tendency isn’t a good one and I hope the series does better the next time around.


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