Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – Final Trailer 


This is really weird.

Here’s the final trailer for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

And here’s the first trailer for the same movie:

Have you noticed that if it weren’t for the same cast and dinosaurs that they play like trailers for entirely different movies?

And that’s because the final trailer gives away plot points perhaps better never revealed outside the movie

And speaking of the final trailer, it plays like The Lost World: Jurassic Park, except on a larger scale and adding the element of militarized dinosaurs, while the first puts the destruction of Jurassic Park as it’s primary focus.

As I mentioned earlier, the new trailer unnecessarily gives away entirely new plot points unseen in any prior trailer.

I don’t know how people will respond to it, but it feels like a bit of a cock-up from where I sit.


Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald – Teaser Teaser #1

I was never particularly a Harry Potter fan–in fact, the only of the Potterverse movies I own is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, directed by the great Alfonso Cuarón–it should go without saying that I don’t particularly care about the prequels.

And speaking of prequels, the teaser trailer for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald feels somewhat…fuller than teasers tend to be.

I’m not sure if that’s because it, narratively speaking, feels very consistent but at almost two minutes it’s awfully close to the length of a regular trailer.

Inhumans – Trailer 2

The more I see trailers for Marvel Television’s Inhumans, the better it’s starting to look.  The FX is fine (and while Lockjaw himself looks great; his transport effect?  Not so much) and while I’m hardly waiting with baited breath, I am interested enough to catch it in theaters (mainly because I am curious if it looks cinematic enough to warrant the involvement of IMAX.

The Man Who Murdered Time, Part 3

Last time we learned that the world was caught in a time loop, to repeat New Year’s Day for all time, due to the sinsistent machinations of mad scientist Willard Hughes and his time machine.

But we also learned that there was a method to his madness:  Hughes was dying, though his time machine would enable him to live forever!

That it enabled him to torture his well-to-do cousin as well was icing on the cake.

But Hughes didn’t count on the Shadow in this, the penultimate chapter of The Man Who Murdered Time!


Jessica Jones-A-Thon: AKA You’re A Winner!

Originally Jessica Jones was offered to ABC, and I can’t imagine why they passed on it.  Sure, they would have to tone down on the cursing and the sexual situations, but other than that?

Anyways, Jones (Krysten Ritter) is working with Malcolm (Eka Danville, who’s also Australian, I think) who’s detoxed to try to figure out how Kilgrave does what he does, before Luke Cage (Mike Colter, who’s perfectly cast) hires her to find someone.

She also has to deal with Hope (Erin Moriarty) being hurt in prison.

This episode is particularly hard-hitting, and while I don’t know how you stand on the abortion issue, this episode might give you a little food for thought.

And Luke Cage rides a Harley Davidson.  This is a good thing because if he got on a Kawasaki or whatever I’d be a bit miffed (though I’d be a bit more tolerant of a Ducati or a Buell).

This episode we also learn that Jeryn Hogarth (Carrie-Anne Moss) isn’t made entirely of ice (maybe only 70-80%).

The title, AKA You’re A Winner! refers to a trick Jones uses to track down a person she’s helping Cage to find.

And speaking of Cage, we get another “Sweet Christmas” this episode, and it too well-earned.

Jessica Jones-A-Thon: AKA The Sandwich Saved Me

This episode we catch a glimpse into Jessica Jones’s past, and it goes without saying that she was as much as a pain-in-the-ass back then as she currently is.

Jones and Trish Walker (Rachel Taylor), knowing who it is that’s been spying–from last episode-use the person to try to capture Kilgrave.  To do so they enlists Will Simpson (Will Traval, who’s surprisingly, Australian) into their own Scooby gang to capture him.

Simpson is the cop who attempted to kill Trish Walker earlier in the season.  He’s also has access to a safe house where they can sequester Kilgrave away.

It’s a particularly resonant moment because the person in question was thrown overboard in  AKA It’s Called Whiskey (no spoilers here!)

This is a cool episode that goes a little bit into Jessica Jones’ stint as a superhero  (and I think that this is the first time that I can recall that a female character says ‘camel-toe’)

The title of this episode, AKA The Sandwich Saved Me, is to be taken literally.

Jessica Jones-A-Thon: AKA 99 Friends

Tonally, Marvel’s Jessica Jones is heavier than Marvel’s Daredevil, but that being said, it’s somehow more watchable.  I can easily see myself re-watching this relatively soon, while I am just getting to the point that I want to see the devil of Hell’s Kitchen’s first season again.

This is an important episode.  It’s not as Kilgrave-centered (though even when he’s not present, he’s present) as the prior three episodes and revolves around another case that Jones has accepted.

She also solves the mystery of who it is that’s been supplying Kilgrave with pictures of her, and the answer hits pretty close to home.

The title: AKA 99 Friends revolves around the number of people that have abilities like Jessica Jones, a number she pulled out of her ass (though with good reason).