Jessica Jones-A-Thon: AKA 99 Friends

Tonally, Marvel’s Jessica Jones is heavier than Marvel’s Daredevil, but that being said, it’s somehow more watchable.  I can easily see myself re-watching this relatively soon, while I am just getting to the point that I want to see the devil of Hell’s Kitchen’s first season again.

This is an important episode.  It’s not as Kilgrave-centered (though even when he’s not present, he’s present) as the prior three episodes and revolves around another case that Jones has accepted.

She also solves the mystery of who it is that’s been supplying Kilgrave with pictures of her, and the answer hits pretty close to home.

The title: AKA 99 Friends revolves around the number of people that have abilities like Jessica Jones, a number she pulled out of her ass (though with good reason).

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