Review – I Trapped The Devil (2019)

You’ve likely seen a movie that was so similar to another that the similarities bothered you though what do you do about a movie that is so similar to another that it feels like plagiarism? That’s the problem I encountered with Josh Lobo’sI Trapped The Devil. It works as a thriller about a man who […]

The Abandoned – Review

  The Abandoned is a pretty decent horror movie, though you have to be patient with it because the ending isn’t exactly the culmination of everything that came before. I don’t mean to imply that it’s badly made–it’s not–but it rewards you for paying attention. And I have to mention the movie’s cinematographer, Zach Galler, […]

The Abandoned – Trailer

“It’s an unfinished section.  They told us not to go down there.”  Says Cooper (Jason Patric) in the trailer for Eytan Rockaway’s The Abandoned. You can be reasonably sure–mainly because it’s in the trailer–that someone will eventually do exactly what they shouldn’t, and terrible events will result for everyone involved. Then again, without stupid people doing stupid […]

Don’t Blink – Review

“”Don’t Blink” is a pretty interesting twist on an alien invasion story.” Travis Oates‘ Don’t Blink could have been one of the better horror films to come along in quite awhile, if not for one pretty significant problem, which I will go into in a moment. Though the issue isn’t that it’s a bit of a slow burn, […]

What’s In A Name?

What’s going on with #Netflix and movie titles? I’ve just finished watching one of the most recent horror movies to turn up on the streaming service, Víctor García‘s The Damned (a decent horror film, though the story treats some pretty outlandish material in a very reverential fashion, when perhaps a more “comedic” approach, in the vein of […]

‘The Damned’ Trailer

When I see that a movie is from IFC Midnight I take it as a given that it’s going to be well done.  As far as I know, they don’t actually make any of the movies that bear their name, though what they do do is almost as important, which is to purchase quality horror […]

‘The Den’ Review

“”The Den,” The Debut Film From Zachary Donahue, Is A Startlingly Effective Thriller” When I first heard about Zachary Donahue‘s thriller, “The Den” I the first thing that popped into my mind was the place where an animal lives. And in sense, I was right though on the face of it the movie revolves around Elizabeth Benton (Melanie Papalia), […]