‘The Damned’ Trailer

When I see that a movie is from IFC Midnight I take it as a given that it’s going to be well done.  As far as I know, they don’t actually make any of the movies that bear their name, though what they do do is almost as important, which is to purchase quality horror films and bring them to a larger audience.

Or if you want to think of it another way, consider them the anti-Asylum.

The trailer begins  with a three or four people on the way to somewhere, on a day that become a dark and stormy night.  The driver (Peter Facinelli) is helpless as the SUV they’re in is caught in the path of a mudslide, which flips the car over, and off the road.

Everyone survives the accident, though their vehicle is totaled, and they need to reach shelter.  Out of the rain they spot an old villa that anyone who had every seen a horror movie would be extremely reluctant to enter.

Though enter they do, and learn that it used to be a hotel, and there’s one person, an old man, that remains.

Or is there?  Here’s where things get pretty predictable, because soon the visitors discover a room (held shut by an unlocked padlock, for some reason) and something in it that looks like a little girl.

I write “predictable” because it feels like the entire idea was lifted from The Twilight Zone episode, The Howling Man, which I have included below.

Though maybe I am being too tough because it’s not like the idea was new even when the Zone used it.

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