Mtn Dew Zero Sugar Super Bowl Spot – Trailer

This is not the sort of thing that typically interests me, but I watched Doctor Sleep a few days ago so I’m shining all over the place. And sure, the commercial makes no narrative sense at all, though to see Bryan Cranston doing his best Jack Torrance is a joy to behold. And Tracee Ellis […]

What Stan Lee Is ‘The Man’

I don’t think that Kevin Smith is nearly as good a director as he seems to think he is.  That being said, when the man has done something good–unlike Red State, which was tonally a bit off, especially at the end. Yet he almost redeems himself with this clip. It’s actually pretty funny, though a lot […]

‘In Time’ Trailer

It appears that this is Justin Timberlake’s year.  First “Bad Teacher,” Friends With Benefits,” and now “In Time.”  He has an earnestness that’s refreshing, though I am not sure that I buy him as a serious badass, or someone that can carry an entire movie. Then again, the film also has Cillian Murphy, who’s always […]

Commercially Speaking: Woolite ‘Torture’ Advert

When you think of Woolite, the detergent for fine washables, you normally don’t think of Rob Zombie, director of the remakes of Halloween 1 & 2, “The Devil’s Rejects,” and “The House of 1000 Corpses,” as well as the lead singer of White Zombie. But some twisted marketing genius has somehow decided to bring to […]