REview: Gods Of Egypt (2016) | Not As Good As It Should Be, Though Better Than You Think

Alex Proyas’ fantastical Gods Of Egypt isn’t nearly as bad as a lot of it’s detractors would like you to think it is (though it’s also not nearly as good as it should have been). One criticism you hear a lot is that the movie is white-washed–and at first glance that may appear a valid […]

Review – John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017)

Chad Stahelski’s John Wick: Chapter 2 is a fairly odd duck. It has all the stuff a regular movie has–actors, sets, production design, lighting design–but it’s really, really strange. And most of that strangeness is due to Keanu Reeves, who’s less a bad actor than a tabula rasa; a void embodied in human form. Though […]

Hellboy (2019) – Trailer Into Reaction

Lionsgate, only a few few hours ago as of this writing, released the trailer for their upcoming Hellboy reboot. Which I really expected to dislike but in actuality I found it pretty intriguing. For a start, it appears to preserve the visual continuity Of Guillermo Del Toro’s two entries, which makes sense considering the visual […]

Robin Hood – Teaser Trailer

Watching the teaser trailer for Otto Bathurst‘s upcoming Robin Hood I wonder if it’s alternate title was Arrow: The REALLY Early Years because thematically it plays just like an episode of that series in a medieval setting. Though that’s picking nits. A more significant problem potentially is that, despite being masked, how is it even […]

Gods Of Egypt – Trailer 2

      I meant to post the latest Gods Of Egypt trailer yesterday.  I didn’t because I haven’t gotten around to changing my iMac’s hard drive–I don’t own any Torx screwdrivers, though I intend to remedy that over the weekend.  As a result this is my first post made entirely on an iPad.  From images […]

The Divergent Series: Allegiant Official Trailer

I haven’t see any of the ‘Divergent‘ movies–and I blame the Hunger Games because all these movies based on Young Adult novels pretty much feel the same for me.   And while that’s not quite fair, there’s undeniably a similarity between many of them. Which reminds me:  I suggest that you see The Maze Runner if you haven’t […]

‘Divergent’ Trailer

I understand that studios feel the need to create a new Hunger Games or “Twilight,” but this movie seems kind of silly. To start, how could dividing people up into groups promote any sort of peace?  That’s exactly the way things are now–except sub-divided a few billion more times–and no one is quite singing Kumbaya. […]

‘Hercules: The Legend Begins’ Trailer

I am not sure that I crazy about the Hercules being blond (I am partial to the Marvel version of the character) but other than that, I like what I see. This is the first of two Hercules movies in development.  It stars Kellan Lutz and is directed by Renny Harlin (The Long Kiss Goodnight, […]

‘Divergent’ Teaser Trailer

I don’t know much about “Divergent,” though I think that it’s based upon a series of young adult novels (what isn’t these days).  I wouldn’t condemn it solely based upon that fact, after all, “The Hunger Games” novels seem to be working out alright as movies. On the other hand, there are the ‘Twilight’ films…