Robin Hood – Teaser Trailer

Watching the teaser trailer for Otto Bathurst‘s upcoming Robin Hood I wonder if it’s alternate title was Arrow: The REALLY Early Years because thematically it plays just like an episode of that series in a medieval setting.

Though that’s picking nits.

A more significant problem potentially is that, despite being masked, how is it even possible–even in medieval times where I hear they didn’t have the Internet–does one become such a great archer sans a reputation as such?

Archery isn’t an innate skill.  You have to learn it, so why isn’t anyone aware of a guy who’s a master archer–especially one so young–is a bit odd.

The movie may explain this, but it feels like it might be a bit of a plot hole.

And I hope the movie expands upon another aspect of life in that period, namely medieval cities were supposedly filthy–if London was any indicator–which helped the spread of plagues like the Black Death (though according to Wikipedia it didn’t start there, pre-existing sanitary conditions certainly wouldn’t have helped matters).

Though I get the feeling that the archery won’t be the only thing that’s blatantly unrealistic.


Gods Of Egypt – Trailer 2

I meant to post the latest Gods Of Egypt trailer yesterday.  I didn’t because I haven’t gotten around to changing my iMac’s hard drive–I don’t own any Torx screwdrivers, though I intend to remedy that over the weekend. 

As a result this is my first post made entirely on an iPad.  From images to video, it’s all assembled with the (free) WordPress application. 

And while the controls don’t feel as precise as I am accustomed to dealing with, it does the job admirably. 

As I’ve said before, Alex Proyas is a talented director, but as far as I am concerned there’s nothing about this trailer that makes me want to see Gods Of Egypt

And that’s not to say that the visuals, though a bit gaudy at times, aren’t up to snuff because we’re talking about Alex Proyas here, who’s other movies (The Crow, Dark City, I Robot) also tended to be effects-heavy. 

Never mind white-washed Egypt (my intent is not to minimize diversity behind and in front of the camera, though there are far more knowledgable people writing about that very thing) more so than a narrative that  appears to be one we have seen before:  a young person faces near-insurmountable odds in an effort to stop an evil from taking over the world. 

It’s a story older than Star Wars because it works, though the key to using such a well-worn trope effectively is that people can’t immediately know that what you’re throwing at them they have seen–in one form or another–hundreds, if not thousands of times prior. 

And that’s where Gods Of Egypt falls short: Despite that it’s not yet been released in theaters, it already feels too familiar. 

The Divergent Series: Allegiant Official Trailer

I haven’t see any of the ‘Divergent‘ movies–and I blame the Hunger Games because all these movies based on Young Adult novels pretty much feel the same for me.   And while that’s not quite fair, there’s undeniably a similarity between many of them.

Which reminds me:  I suggest that you see The Maze Runner if you haven’t already.  Not because it’s a particularly good movie, because it’s not, but because it’s so nonsensical at times that it’s funny, (Though I am reasonably certain that that’s not what the filmmakers were aiming for).

Though this is about Allegiant, so let’s get back to it; maybe it’s because I haven’t seen any of the other movies in the series, but there’s enough ape-shite crazy stuff going on in the trailer that it looks like a lot of fun.

And I am reasonably sure that the movie will bring all the weirdness into focus, taking way the only thing that really separates it from the pack.

‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1’ Trailer

For those of us that aren’t divergent enough, or aren’t into maze running, there’s The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 (and speaking of Part 1, I get the feeling that if Lionsgate could have stretched the last book in the series out into three or more movies they would have done so) where it looks like Panem is falling into revolution and Pitta has crossed over to the Dark Side–or has he?

So here’re the trailers for the upcoming Hunger Games sequel, as well as The Maze Runner and Divergent (The Maze Runner appears to be performing strongly overseas, better than Divergent in fact) because I am about nothing if not added value.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1

The Maze Runner


‘Divergent’ Trailer

I understand that studios feel the need to create a new Hunger Games or “Twilight,” but this movie seems kind of silly.

To start, how could dividing people up into groups promote any sort of peace?  That’s exactly the way things are now–except sub-divided a few billion more times–and no one is quite singing Kumbaya.

Then there’s the idea that Beatrice Prior (Shailene Woodley) not having any sort of fear, which what makes her ‘divergent.’

That entire premise is a bit dumb because fear isn’t a bad thing.  Fear is the thing that can give one the strength to escape dangerous, and potentially life-threatening, situations.

Now, the problems come not because of fear, in and of itself, but because of a person’s reaction to fear, or lack thereof.  For instance, in the trailer the protagonist is being attacked by a dog.  Now, to approach a situation without fear may being a sort of clarity, but minus the surge of adrenalin and other neurotransmitters that come on when fight or flight take over, you could ironically be in more trouble because of not being afraid.

Then there are more common situations, like giving a speech.  For some, they’re paralyzed by their fear, though there’s so much benefit found in facing what scares you, and overcoming it.

That’s what makes us human.  That’s what makes us alive.

‘Hercules: The Legend Begins’ Trailer

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

I am not sure that I crazy about the Hercules being blond (I am partial to the Marvel version of the character) but other than that, I like what I see.

Now this is Hercules!

Now this is Hercules!

This is the first of two Hercules movies in development.  It stars Kellan Lutz and is directed by Renny Harlin (The Long Kiss Goodnight, Deep Blue Sea, Cutthroat Island, etc).  The other is by Brett Ratner, and stars Dwayne Johnson.  Harlin’s movie is being released by Summit/Millennium and will probably come out before Ratner’s, which is important because Millennium’s “Olympus Has Fallen” came out before Sony’s “White House Down,” and did very well, while the latter didn’t.

If the trailer for “Hercules: The Legend Begins” is any indication, visually it has a scope and a scale that invites comparisons to Peter Jackson’s ‘Rings’ films.

Besides, Renny Harlin is a significantly more interesting director that Brett Ratner, as well as better at his craft.  He’s done a greater variety of projects, and has tackled more genre films.  That being said, Dwayne Johnson is a much more engaging actor than Kellan Lutz.  I wouldn’t say that Lutz is ‘charisma-challenged,’ more so than Johnson is remarkably appealing.

Though Harlin’s film has Scott Adkins, who’s always interesting to watch.

‘Divergent’ Teaser Trailer

I don’t know much about “Divergent,” though I think that it’s based upon a series of young adult novels (what isn’t these days).  I wouldn’t condemn it solely based upon that fact, after all, “The Hunger Games” novels seem to be working out alright as movies.

On the other hand, there are the ‘Twilight’ films…