‘Divergent’ Trailer

I understand that studios feel the need to create a new Hunger Games or “Twilight,” but this movie seems kind of silly.

To start, how could dividing people up into groups promote any sort of peace?  That’s exactly the way things are now–except sub-divided a few billion more times–and no one is quite singing Kumbaya.

Then there’s the idea that Beatrice Prior (Shailene Woodley) not having any sort of fear, which what makes her ‘divergent.’

That entire premise is a bit dumb because fear isn’t a bad thing.  Fear is the thing that can give one the strength to escape dangerous, and potentially life-threatening, situations.

Now, the problems come not because of fear, in and of itself, but because of a person’s reaction to fear, or lack thereof.  For instance, in the trailer the protagonist is being attacked by a dog.  Now, to approach a situation without fear may being a sort of clarity, but minus the surge of adrenalin and other neurotransmitters that come on when fight or flight take over, you could ironically be in more trouble because of not being afraid.

Then there are more common situations, like giving a speech.  For some, they’re paralyzed by their fear, though there’s so much benefit found in facing what scares you, and overcoming it.

That’s what makes us human.  That’s what makes us alive.

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