You Can’t Keep Good ‘Heroes’ Down

Primatech Paper Co.“Heroes” was a series about people with special abilities that ran on NBC from 2006-2010.  It was produced by Tim Kring (“Crossing Jordan,” “Touch”) and in 2006 set the world on fire with the catchphrase “Save The Cheerleader,” Save The World.”

Unfortunately, after that the series began to fall apart; partially due to a writer’s strike in Hollywood, partially due to some really stupid ideas (why would they destroy ‘the Company’ so early in the life of the series?  As the primary antagonist in a series–other than Sylar, that is–the producers needed to hang on to it like grim death).

They didn’t, and the series ended with a whimper, instead of a roar.

But it’s hard to keep a good idea down–and bad ones, for that matter–so “Heroes” is coming back, in the form of a 13-episode stand alone series.

So far there’s no information as to whether it will cover new ground or complete stories already began during its original run.  I assume the former because many of the actors that starred in the series are probably not available now (though its limited run may mean that some are available).


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