REview: Unfriended (2014) & Unfriended: Dark Web (2018) | Interestingly Silly

I don’t typically review more than a movie at a time, but considering what I’m working with I figure that I would make an exception because these two movies are essentially the same, except for “minor” details. And while that detail isn’t a small thing, it’s not enough of a differentiator to warrant a separate […]

The Darkness – Official Trailer #1

The primary reason I don’t believe in ghosts–besides never having seen one–is that if tragedy/violence of some sort is the reason for them being, then we’d be literally stumbling over them at virtually every step. Think about it for a moment:  If you take even a cursory glance at the history of any country, you won’t have […]

The Veil – Review

“Some Shrouds Obscure The End Of The World. “ Phil Joanou’s The Veil isn’t a particularly good movie, though it’s least interesting (and before I begin in earnest I have to mention the cinematography of Steeven Petitteville–according to IMDB and the movie’s credits that’s how his–I assume he’s a he–name is spelled–does great lighting.  His work […]