The Darkness – Official Trailer #1

The primary reason I don’t believe in ghosts–besides never having seen one–is that if tragedy/violence of some sort is the reason for them being, then we’d be literally stumbling over them at virtually every step.

Think about it for a moment:  If you take even a cursory glance at the history of any country, you won’t have to search particularly hard to find many instances of terrible tragedy.

And those that you find will primarily cover the periods of time when we had written records, though it would be silly to think that such events weren’t happening throughout history, only there was no one to document them.

So there would literally be MILLIONS of specters all over the globe , based on events that happened long ago (never mind the violence we do to each other on a daily basis).

So, no, there are probably no such things as ghosts.

But there is a such thing as energy, which never truly vanishes, but only changes form.

That leads to another question, which is–when we die–where does the energy that once animated us go?  Does it dissipate like smoke in a breeze or do we run down like batteries on their last legs?

Or maybe that energy hangs around places where violent events happened, or maybe this power, which I like to call ‘remnant energy,’ hangs around.  And who knows?  Maybe it can even be tapped into by individuals in a particular state of mind or under extreme stress.

Or maybe certain structures can retain this energy, and perhaps amplify it.

Now those are interesting speculations!

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