Discovering A Relic Within A Cabinet Of Curiosities

Peter Hyams’ 1997’s creature-feature, The Relic, was a pretty good movie.  It featured Tom Sizemore (despite his personal foibles, the man’s a damn good actor) as Lt. Vincent D’Agosta, who had to stop a mysterious killer who’s MO was beheading.

He follows the bodies to–if I recall–The Museum of Natural History, where something monstrous has returned home.

And it’s a good movie, but there’s one detail that’s a bit problematic.  And that is that  Agent Aloysius Pendergast was written out entirely.

Which is a shame because Agent Pendergast is one of the most interesting characters in the novels.  Visualize a thin man of average hight, who’s an albino.  This is an important detail because he’s a very natty dresser, and is occasionally described as a very well-dressed cadaver.

In terms of abilities, he’s what you might get if you crossed Sherlock Holmes (or maybe Solar Pons), with Indiana Jones and a ninja.

Luckily it appears this little oversight is about to be corrected because Gale Anne Hurd–of The Terminator, The Walking Dead, and many others–is developing a series based on the novels that will feature Pendergast for Spike TV, which is a very good thing indeed.

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