REview: Terminator: Dark Fate (2019) | Good Though Not Quite Good Enough

I didn’t catch Tim Miller’s Terminator: Dark Fate in theaters though having recently seen it I’m okay with that. As I discuss in my video, the greatest problem with the Terminator films is by my reckoning not that they all have the same story but they obviously have the same story. And that’s not unusual. […]

REview: In The Shadow Of The Moon (2019)

Disappointed by Terminator: Dark Fate (apparently if the box office’s any indicator you wouldn’t be the only one) and have a Netflix subscription? Check out In The Shadow Of The Moon, Jim Mickle’s, thematically speaking, Terminator-like sci-fi movie because it’s really good. I could go into the plot–but I won’t because it’s integral to the […]

Discovering A Relic Within A Cabinet Of Curiosities

Peter Hyams’ 1997’s creature-feature, The Relic, was a pretty good movie.  It featured Tom Sizemore (despite his personal foibles, the man’s a damn good actor) as Lt. Vincent D’Agosta, who had to stop a mysterious killer who’s MO was beheading. He follows the bodies to–if I recall–The Museum of Natural History, where something monstrous has returned home. And it’s a good movie, […]