Summer Box Office: Can Terminator: Genisys Take The Heat?

I fully admit that the success of Jurassic World caught me by surprise.  I didn’t necessarily think that it would fail, though if anyone had told me that it would be breaking records made by 2014’s The Avengers I would have laughed at such a ridiculous notion.

That being said, what’s in its way even more interesting is that Inside Out is performing strongly, despite the presence of Universal’s cinematic dinosaur feature.

Though this trend of everyone doing awesome despite the competition isn’t one that can continue, by which I mean that one of these tentpoles is going to flatline–big time.

Which leads to the question:  Which of the upcoming summer movies is going to bite it (and I don’t mean in a Jurassic World kind of way)?

And if I had to guess, I’d say Terminator: Genisys.  Reason being, the last movie in the series, Terminator: Salvation wasn’t well received by movie-goers.  And by “wasn’t well-received” I mean ‘box office failure,’ having earned just over $371 million on a $200 million budget.

Then there’s the trailer that gives away a MAJOR plot-point, which is never a good idea.

Now neither of those things is a deal breaker by any means, but the thing is, when you’re talking about a crowded field filled with potential blockbusters they can make all the difference in the world.

And I think the producers know it, which probably has a lot to do with them enlisting the services of the consiglieri of the Terminator franchise, James Cameron, to give the movie his seal of approval.

Now keep in mind that Cameron has nothing to do with Genisys, though he did direct Terminator and Terminator 2, the two best received movies in the series so you can look at it as either genius (if the movie succeeds, or desperation if it fails).

Another risky venture is Marvel’s upcoming Ant-Man.  The thing of it is, considering that many people also said that their last movie, Guardians Of The Galaxy, was going to tank as well, before it ended up being the most profitable movie in 2014, so I think it’s best not to underestimate Marvel, or the willingness of their fanbase to turn out.  Besides, Ant-Man looks to be a great bit of summer entertainment, and its tone (drama with comedic overtones) can only be beneficial.

That being said, I don’t expect it will do Guardians Of The Galaxy business, though I do think it will make a positive impression at the box office.

Which leads me back to the beginning, to Genisys, if you will (I would have included Fantastic Four, but for the reason I don’t want it to succeed, which would increase the liklihood that the rights would revert back to Marvel Studios, where they belong).

Though that’s just my gut speaking, with little basis in fact to support whether or not the movie will do well or not (all the drama around Josh Trask leaving the project aside), unlike in the case of Terminator: Genisys, which I honestly think the deck is stacked against.

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