Zoombies – Review

While I’m cobbling together a review for Captain America: Civil War–which won’t probably be ready before Saturday–I figured that I might as well write up something for Zoombies, which turned recently up on Netflix. Despite the title they’re no zombies present–of either the human or animal variety (though you probably noticed the extra ‘o’ in the title, which isn’t […]

Zoombies – Trailer

You might thing that I was intending to wright ‘Zombies,’ but if you did you probably weren’t aware that this is from The Asylum. Zoombies is not about the typical–zombies have become so mainstream that I can write that without a bit of irony–undead but instead zombified animals at a safari park that begin to […]

Jurassic World Superbowl Trailer

And “everything we’ve got” includes trained Veloceraptors, I assume? I don’t claim to speak for anyone else, but I have a huge issue with Jurassic World–sight unseen.  That issue is that from what I have read, the entire premise revolves around the engineering of a new dinosaur, Indominous Rex, an animal that–it goes without saying–will […]

‘Jurassic World’ Official Trailer

The full trailer for Jurassic World was released a few hours ago, and the first thing I noticed was that it’s produced with Legendary Pictures, which was unexpected. What was also a bit unusual was that lots of people being literally eaten by exhibits in the last two films didn’t seem to faze the backers this […]

The Strangest Of Species: A Warranted Remake

A very rare bird.  Think of a coelacanth (which were discovered alive a few decades ago, though despite being such a remarkable, unusual creature it may be endangered) or a Tasmanian Tiger (none discovered alive, though rumors persist). It’s that unusual. What makes it such a great idea is that the original – a precursor […]

Beware Of ‘Area 407’

The small, almost micro-budgeted, film, when successful, can bring new creativity (and profits) to the box office.  For instance, the whole found-footage trend came into its own with the three “Paranomal Activity” films, which combined cost just over $8 million to produce and earned almost $600 million worldwide. That being said, there are times when […]

‘Jurassic Park’ Live

Rememeber the idea behind 1993’s “Jurassic Park?’  The film, based upon a novel by Michael Crichton, directed by Steven Spielberg, revolves around an island where dinosaurs are brought back to life from the DNA of mosquitoes caught in amber. Our technology hasn’t quite advanced that far, though we’re getting close, yet I am willing to […]

The State of Special Effects

Above is a video of a partial animatronic (a covered skeletal armature that use various methods to mimic the motion of a human, animal, or imaginary being) test for the movie “I Am Legend” from Steve Johnson FX.  It was not used in the final film, though considering the designs that were, is disappointing.