Zoombies – Review

While I’m cobbling together a review for Captain America: Civil War–which won’t probably be ready before Saturday–I figured that I might as well write up something for Zoombies, which turned recently up on Netflix.

Despite the title they’re no zombies present–of either the human or animal variety (though you probably noticed the extra ‘o’ in the title, which isn’t a misspelling.  That’s what you get when you combine the word ‘zoo’ with ‘zombies’) in the entire movie.

Instead what we get is a movie in the vein of Outbreak and Contagion, combined with the premise of Jurassic Park.

And seeing that we’re talking about The Asylum, it goes without saying that it’s going to be almost painfully bad.

The CGI–which is used for virtually every animal in the movie–is initially decent, but gets progressively worse pretty fast.  The acting is on a continuum from decent to terrible, and like the CGI, trends toward the latter.

Though what’s worse is that it could have been at least decent if they’d abandoned the Jurassic Park parody, minimize the often horrid CGI (which would mean that while there would be less of it, that which remained would be of better quality) and send the script though a few more rewrites then you might have something that is at least interesting and people would watch for more reason than to see how bad it was going to be.



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