Dawn of War III – Announcement Trailer

 I have no idea what Dawn of War III is like as a game–the first thing that popped into my head was that it looked an awful lot like StarCraft–though the trailer is pretty impressive.
Apparently, armored humans are fighting orcs, while Evangelion-like warriors, who hang out in adobe niches, look out over the carnage.
Eventually , maybe grown tired of seeing people being slaughtered, the Evangelion-beings enter the fray.
What you couldn’t tell from looking at them earlier is that they’re literally giants and able to disembowl an opponent with a slash of their swords.
Which they do.
Though they’re not immortal, because a huge mech–seemingly piloted by an orc?–kills one.
Though it’s the last scene that’s the money shot,  when you see literally the dead raining down like wheat before the scythe.
It’s a beautiful cinematic and despite being relatively derivative, my biggest problem with it is that there is no way on Earth that the actual game lives up to what they’re apparently promising.

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