The Shallows – Trailer 1 & 2

Sometimes I find myself sympathizing with sharks.

Imagine that one day you’re swimming about, doing whatever it is that you do–which for a shark consists primarily of swimming, eating and every once in awhile mating–when an unknown animal suddenly starts making a ruckus nearby.

You have very keen eyesight and can smell blood in the water for literally miles away, though this time it’s motion that draws you.

Uncertain of what you’re dealing with, at first you circle the animal, maybe going in for a nose bump before taking a bite.

I get that no animal–even those that we eat on a regular basis–enjoy or desire being made into, what is for them, a very unhappy meal. That being said, what bothers me about movies like Jaws and if the trailer is any indicator, The Shallows is that they contribute to people anthropomorphizing (giving human characteristics and motivations to non-human creatures) sharks, making them out as being more much sinister than they are.

As I said, no animal wants to be eaten, though that’s just the way the food chain works.

We know, or should know, that demonizing apex predators like sharks, tigers, bears wolves, etc does all predators an injustice because it makes it easier to kill them just for existing, guilty of being true to what they are.

Besides, when all is said and done, no creature kills with the facility and savagery of human beings.


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