Zoombies – Trailer

You might thing that I was intending to wright ‘Zombies,’ but if you did you probably weren’t aware that this is from The Asylum.

Zoombies is not about the typical–zombies have become so mainstream that I can write that without a bit of irony–undead but instead zombified animals at a safari park that begin to go after the humans in attendance.

And while it’s a terrible, unpunny title, that’s not the worse of it.

That would have to be  The Asylum’s overarching ambition.  To look at the trailer you’d think that the movie is being patterned on movies like Jurassic World and Jurassic Park–they even mention it on the splash page of the trailer, though I could tell from the helicopter shots in the opening.

Which is the problem, namely why don’t they aim lower, but make better movies?

Just looking at the trailer you know that it’s going to involve tons of CGI, most of which is going to end up looking pretty hinky, so why do it when you could, just maybe, spend the time to invest in a good story and try to tell it as best you can.

But we’re talking about The Asylum, so why do that when you can make a janky Pacific Rim knock-off?

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