The Lighter Side

What happened in Paris yesterday, it goes without saying, was a tragedy on so many levels.

‘Pride’ Trailer

What has bothered me for a long time about a lot of Queer cinema is that it tends to be very white–in that it revolves around white people (generally males) with nary a person of color to be found.  And Matthew Warchus‘ Pride doesn’t on the face of it seem any different. That being said, what […]

Must Miss TV: ‘All My Babies’ Mamas’

Part of being an adult is having the ability to know when not to say what’s on your mind, a skill lost on most children, whose nature lends itself to an almost brutal honesty.  For instance, if you’re feeling vulnerable, don’t ask a child a question with an expectation that the answer will somehow buttress […]

Election Night

I normally don’t write about politics, and have no intention of changing that trend. That’s not the same thing as saying that I don’t care, or have a point of view, which is why I am watching the election results on NBC, via  Currently President Obama is just under six hundred votes behind Mitt […]