Trailer Into REaction: The Forever Purge (2021) | Official Trailer

I really liked this trailer.

Because The Purge (2013), the first movie in the series, was a simple home invasion thriller, albeit one with a political aspect, though originally was more a reason for the home invasion scenario to exist than anything else.

Though with later movies in the series the idea of one day a year where murder was legal – and more importantly, why – moved to the fore, as a result making these movies more smarter than you’d think.

With The Forever Purge (apparently) the United States has fallen into anarchy, nudged along the way by a government driven to satisfy the basest instincts of their constituents because the annual Purge acted not only as a way to vent aggression that might have been directed at other citizens or the government, but as entertainment for the people doing the killings.

Which sounds insane till you take into account how violent Americans are, generally speaking.

As I said, it’s pretty clever and The Forever Purge seems to be taking things to their inevitable end, which is anarchy, which is apropos (and you probably can’t help notice that the poster as well as the trailer look more like a Western – by way of Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome – as the trailer goes on).

That’s likely not an accident.

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