Nightmare’s Nest

Nightmare’s Nest was the 310th episode of the CBS Radio Mystery Theater, a radio show that began in 1974 and lasted till December 31, 1981, a run that consisted in over 1200 episodes. In that time it went through various hosts, and covered a wide variety of genres, like historical, science-fiction and the supernatural. In […]

The Man Who Murdered Time, Part 3

Last time we learned that the world was caught in a time loop, to repeat New Year’s Day for all time, due to the sinsistent machinations of mad scientist Willard Hughes and his time machine. But we also learned that there was a method to his madness:  Hughes was dying, though his time machine would enable […]

The Man Who Murdered Time – Part 2

Sorry about the delay in getting this out. I had actually written this post last week, but the WordPress mobile app ate it. Luckily I wrote a rough draft (on paper!), so I didn’t start from scratch. The time machine, created by Willard Hughes in Part 1, is activated and its insidious purpose is made […]

The Man Who Murdered Time – Pt. 1

The Shadow was created by Walter B. Gibson, and long before he appeared in movies and television, he was a staple of radio.  HIs first appearance was in the 1930’s, and he’s had a huge influence on heroes (and villains) to follow. For instance, the origin of Marvel Comics’ Iron Fist and Doctor Strange are remarkably similar […]

The Damned Thing – Ep. 185

Hugh Morgan is dead, which why an inquest to determine how he came to be was assembled. Suspects were plentiful, as were motives but no one had considered was the possibility that the killer was something no one had seen before. Something powerful.  Something feral…something deadly… The Damned Thing Ep.185 is based in a story by Ambrose […]

Enter…The Mind’s Eye 

“Killing Time is the essence of Comedy, just as the essense of Tragedy is the killing of Eternity.” Today is the first post from The Mind’s Eye, a new weekly feature on SCREENPHILES. Growing up I watched as much television as any young person, though with the added benefit of being a voracious reader.  This […]