The Man Who Murdered Time – Part 2

Sorry about the delay in getting this out. I had actually written this post last week, but the WordPress mobile app ate it.

Luckily I wrote a rough draft (on paper!), so I didn’t start from scratch.

The time machine, created by Willard Hughes in Part 1, is activated and its insidious purpose is made known as New Year’s Day repeats, seemingly in perpetuity.

No one but Lamont Cranston–who’s secretly the Shadow, the scourge of evil and those that commit it– is immune for to its effects due to his superior will and his training by yogis.

His trusted assistant, Margo Lane, has none of his immunity, though as long as he’s in physical contact with her she too is able to resist the machine’s sinister effects.

Though someone has to stop the infernal machinations of Willard Hughes, and that person isn’t Lamont Cranston, but the Shadow.

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