Netflix’s Daredevil Reviews Are Coming In…

Matt Murdock
Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock/Daredevil

..and the first I have read is from SuperHeroHype–and it’s pretty positive (effusively so, truth be told).

In fact, I suspect that it’s perhaps too rosy seeing that it appears that the reviewer has only seen the first of a 13-episode series.

Enthusiasm aside–after all, the site isn’t called SuperHeroHype for nothing–it’s a good sign that the opener has received such accolades so early in the game.

The series doesn’t begin with Murdock sporting his red costume, though that’s supposed turn up at some point before the series finishes its run.  What I am also  curious about is how show runner Steven DeKnight will handle action scenes because having seen some of the last series he’s worked on–Spartacus–I think the whole 300 thing of having pivotal action scenes in slow motion is pretty irritating.

Though I, as well as the rest of us mortals, will have to wait till April 10.

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