Trailer Park- Deadpool Edition

Deadpool was never one of my favorite characters.  Something about him being created by Rob Liefeld–who somehow managed to do very well for himself as a comic book artist despite having a really, really bad understanding of human anatomy.

And that’s not hyperbole because it feels to me like he’s never seen a bodily structure that he wasn’t willing to distort beyond all reason.  In case there are any doubts, I’ve included an example of his artwork below, For those who doubt me, I’ve included a link to more.

Rob Liefeld "art"

So I was on the ropes about seeing it, that is till I saw this April Fool’s Deadpool trailer.  Seeing the awesomeness that it hints at makes me feel as if perhaps I’ll catch the movie after all (even if it means that I am in a very real sense helping Fox keep characters that rightly belong in Marvel Studios’ stable).

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