Poltergeist (2015) – Official Trailer 2

Okay, the first thing that I’ll admit is that the ending of the new Poltergeist trailer creeped me out just a bit.  That being said, it revolves around a clown–similar to  the original film–and everyone knows that clowns by their very nature are a tad creepy (without even trying).

I don’t fear them, though they do make me mildly uncomfortable, which is why as far as I am concerned they’re an easy scare–besides affirming that anyone who seems too happy with their lot on the outside is a powder keg of despair and anger just waiting to go off on the inside.

My feelings about circus folk aside, I honestly expect Gil Kenan’s remake to be entertaining, but I am still not sold on it’s necessity, or even its point.

Though as far as Hollywood is concerned I am reasonably sure it’s all about the ducats.  Besides, it’s easier to build public awareness around a pre-existing brand as opposed to doing some real heavy lifting and starting from what amounts to scratch (in terms of consumer awareness).

The thing is, such awareness is a double-edge sword in that while knowledge of the property among many people will already exist, so they will also go to the theater expecting the reboot to be different enough from the original to justify its existence.

If not, expect a decent to good opening week (especially if it premiers of a Friday) and a rapid falloff.  And the thing is, movies like the Paranormal Activity films can afford an opening weekend in the $15-$20 million ballpark because they tend to be made for significantly less.

Looking at the trailer, and seeing a hint of the special effects as well as the cast involved, I get the feeling that this movie is going to at least cost somewhere in the ballpark of $50 million.  Assuming that that’s the case, it means that the producers can’t afford the falloff.

Which is another way of saying whatever it’s budgeted, it needs to earn that money back before The Avengers: Age of Ultron (or even Furious 7) suck all the oxygen from the room (and all the money from theater goers).

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