Poltergeist REvisited (2015)

I’m trying to watch the reboot of Poltergeist (2015), by my reckoning one of the worst remakes ever made. Now to be sure I’m being a bit hyperbolic – after all, I haven’t seen every remake ever made never mind it’s well-assembled and a fairly competent production – but it bothers me on a visceral […]

Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension – Trailer

I honestly wanted to like the Paranormal Activity movies.  After all, there are slim pickings for horror movies at the best of times, yet the PA films are less fully-resized movies than an accumulation of jump scares that last for an hour or so. And maybe that’s not fair, but the filmmakers have had every […]

Point Break (2015) – Trailer

The trailer for the upcoming Point Break. like Poltergeist, illustrates the problem with seemingly pointless remakes.  It actually looks pretty interesting, but as someone who’s seen the original, on some level I will always be comparing it, as opposed to just enjoying it for what it is. And i don’t want that to be interpreted in […]

Poltergeist (2015) – Official Trailer 2

Okay, the first thing that I’ll admit is that the ending of the new Poltergeist trailer creeped me out just a bit.  That being said, it revolves around a clown–similar to  the original film–and everyone knows that clowns by their very nature are a tad creepy (without even trying). I don’t fear them, though they do […]

Do We Really Need A Poltergeist Reboot?

  This is part of what I hate about Hollywood.  With the Poltergeist reboot trailer about to drop any day now, I wonder why anyone is remaking a movie that doesn’t particularly need it.  Tobe Hooper’s (or Steven Spielberg’s, depending upon whom you ask) haunted house thriller is not only one of the better movies it its type, […]

Don’t Blink – Review

“”Don’t Blink” is a pretty interesting twist on an alien invasion story.” Travis Oates‘ Don’t Blink could have been one of the better horror films to come along in quite awhile, if not for one pretty significant problem, which I will go into in a moment. Though the issue isn’t that it’s a bit of a slow burn, […]

X-File A Day – “Shadows”

“Shadows” is the sixth episode of the First season of “The X-Flies,” and it’s a keeper.  It revolves around a woman, Lauren Kyte (Lisa Waltz) who’s boss has just died, supposedly by suicide. He was like a father to her, so she’s pretty distraught. Mulder and Scully originally come on to this case as advisors […]