Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension – Trailer

I honestly wanted to like the Paranormal Activity movies.  After all, there are slim pickings for horror movies at the best of times, yet the PA films are less fully-resized movies than an accumulation of jump scares that last for an hour or so.

And maybe that’s not fair, but the filmmakers have had every chance to craft something memorable and they seemed to take the opposite tact pretty consistently, as opposed to the more difficult path of interesting characterization and genuine thrills.

From the trailer Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension looks to be covering territory already mined by the Poltergeist movies.

And i will admit that I thought the idea of making found-footage ghost stories could at least be interesting, and the lack of budget–all of the movies are relatively cheap–would spur the producers toward new innovations as far as storytelling goes.

Which didn’t happen.

As I understand it, The Ghost Dimension will be the last in the series, and i’m okay with that.

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