Point Break (2015) – Trailer

The trailer for the upcoming Point Break. like Poltergeist, illustrates the problem with seemingly pointless remakes.  It actually looks pretty interesting, but as someone who’s seen the original, on some level I will always be comparing it, as opposed to just enjoying it for what it is.

And i don’t want that to be interpreted in ay way as saying that the original movie was such a cinema landmark, because it wasn’t; which reinforces why copying it is such a dubious exercise.

And while I have no idea who Luke Bracey is, he comes off–in this trailer, at any rate–as charisma-bereft as Keanu Reeves, so there’s at least that.

2 thoughts on “Point Break (2015) – Trailer

  1. This actually looks like a decent movie – they could just as easily call it anything else but “Point Break” has that name recognition. I don’t think it will necessarily take away from the original which is good because the original can’t be topped.

    Poltergeist on the other hand, blah – that was just a bland cash in on a popular title, nowhere near as good as the original.

    1. But that the thing. As far as I could tell from the trailer, there are some significant differences in Point Break (2015), though I assume that some underlying character beats and scenes will be relatively similar to the original. So, why not just expand upon those and make an original movie, as opposed to turning over ground already plowed.

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