Trailer Into Reaction – Archer: 1999 | Official Trailer

Archer is a spy series on FXX that’s animated but very, very adult. The series revolves around covert operative Sterling Mallory Archer, his missions and the people in his orbit. Did I mention the agency is headed by his mother, who if I put it charitably, has a dysfunctional relationship with? Did I also mention […]

Betrayal! Thy Name Is Krieger!

Considering how ISIS (the International Secret Intelligence Service)–not the terrorist organization currently in vogue–seemingly did everything they could undermine their own efforts, they hardly needed help from outside. Or inside, for that matter. That being said, I feel reasonably certain that there there was someone within ISIS doing just that.  Perhaps they were too caught up in their […]

Tackiness So Blatant You Can Taste It

I haven’t watched Seth MacFarlane’s “Family Guy” for quite awhile now, though I do recall is that it eventually evolved into its own thing, as opposed to a ‘Simpsons’ clone. Which was a good thing.  The series had always flirted with bad taste, though the latest advert for the series has proven that it has […]