Full Metal Alchemist – Official Trailer

Screenshot 2017-11-02 01.51.33I recall that someone explained why it is that Japanese people in anime don’t look particularly Japanese, but I don’t recall the explanation (which implies that it didn’t particularly resonate for me).

I should mention that my feeling also doesn’t apply to all anime.  Characters from the works of Hayao Miyzaki appear distinctly Japanese (in terms of how they’re drawn).

Which is one of the reasons I enjoyed Gantz: 0:  all the characters looked Japanese (which makes sense when something takes place in Japan).

I was bothered as much as anyone else by Scarlett Johansson’s casting as the Major in Ghost in the Shell though less because she was playing a Japanese character–since as I explained earlier, the Major never looked Japanese to me–more than I knew she was despite that fact and therefore should be played by a Japanese person.

Though having seen the trailer for Full Metal Alchemist–filmed with an entirely Japanese cast–it looks a bit…off, especially compared to the episodes of the anime I have seen.

It’s sort of weird, but it reminds me of someone’s interpretation of Full Metal Alchemist–which it obviously is–but I mean in a more deeper, essential sense of who these characters are.

It’s like it were being made especially for the Japanese market–which in a sense it is–after the Hollywood version.

If that makes any sense.


Meet Baymax!

As you can tell from the screenshots of the Tweets that I have included below, I have been having a few conversations with Baymax, of Disney’s upcoming Big Hero 6.  He’s very literal, as is the way with most machines–and reminds me quite a bit of Apple Inc’s Siri.

Besides, how can you resist a mug like that?  And if you’re unfamiliar with who he–or should I say “what” Baymax is–I have included a trailer from the upcoming feature (which is based upon Marvel Comics’ Sunfire And Big Hero Six).

Sunfire isn’t joining the team this time around because he’s currently licensed to 20th Century Fox (and appeared in X-Men: Days Of Future Past).














‘Big Hero 6’ Teaser Trailer

Sunfire & Big Hero Six For the first time Pixar is taking on a Marvel property.  Big Hero 6 is a superhero team that–at least in the comics–has ties to Marvel’s X-Men.  In fact, the comic where they first appeared was called “Sunfire & Big Hero 6.”

Sunfire being a mutant from the X-Men comics.

And seeing that connection and the fact that mutants, like Sunfire and the X-Men, are licensed to Twenty-First Century Fox it implies that the contacts are either a bit labyrinthine (or convoluted, depending upon how you look at such things) and you can never be too certain which characters licensees can or cannot use.

And after watching the trailer you can tell that they’re taking a few liberties with the material, though I like what I see because it’s a really amusing trailer.

‘Mr. Peabody And Sherman’ Trailer

I remember watching the cartoon adventures of “Mr. Peabody & Sherman” when I was growing up.  I think it was part of the “Rocky & Bullwinkle Hour.”  Judging from the trailer, the filmmakers are making it a lot more wholesome than I recall it being.

For instance, Mr. Peabody (the dog) and Sherman (the human) weren’t father and son.

Thinking back, I remember it being more of a “master and super-intelligent, passive-aggressive dog” sort of relationship.

This also explains why I vaguely recall Mr. Sherman being an arrogant, know-it-all douche.

‘LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Maximum Overload’ Review

Check out the billboard!I hate to admit it, but “Lego Marvel Super Heroes: Maximum Overload” is much, much better than 2012’s “Amazing Spider-Man.”  It’s made for kids, but works really well for adults, too.

And it’s particularly cool the way whenever something crashes into something else that it breaks into squares – because everything is made up of Legos, even glass.  It’s just a shockingly awesome bit of animation, with more heart than that aforementioned lame Spider-Man movie.

And Sony really intends to crate a Spider-Man universe?  Based on ASM, I am really not feeling it.

Among the many things that I am not aware of, ‘Maximum Overload’ appears to be the first episode of a series.  I am almost afraid to watch anymore because I don’t know if they can maintain awesomeness of multiple episodes.