REview: Train To Busan (2016) | Ranks Among The Best Of The “Infected” Movies

To begin, let’s establish a baseline of sorts. Sang ho-Yeon’s Train To Busan, while it promotes itself as a zombie movie, isn’t. It’s actually closer to “infected” movies like 28 Days Later, Rec, The Girl With All The Gifts and The Night Eats The World than a traditional zombie movie. And while George Romero didn’t […]

‘Ex Machina’ Teaser Trailer

Alex Garland‘s (the writer of Sunshine, 28 Days Later, The Beach, etc) directoral debut, Ex Machina, looks at least superficially like it covers similar territory as Transcendence, though hopefully more successfully. That being said, I assume it’s only coincidence that Ex Machina feels very similar to another film that came out earlier this year, The Machine, the trailer which […]