REview: The Girl With All The Gifts (2016) | Ranks Among The Best “Infected” Movies

Because let’s be clear, 2016’s The Girl With All The Gifts isn’t a zombie movie in the same way 2002’s 28 Days Later and it’s sequel also aren’t zombie movies (a zombie is by definition undead–as in dead, yet still walking. In either movie that’s not the case) but it does follow the tropes of the genre, in the sense that we have protagonists numerically outnumbered by unthinking antagonists that more often than not act like a mindless horde.

In any case, what makes The Girl With All The Gifts so effective is that it takes the tropes that we’re grown accustomed to seeing, and subverts them in some really interesting ways.

It’s pretty remarkable and while I have heard of it prior I have somehow managed not too see it.

Don’t be me. If you like movies of the zombie or ‘Infected” genre you need to check out The Girl With All The Gifts.

You’ll thank me.

And forgive me for the sound issues of the video. I’m aware of them and am working them out.

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