REview: Den Of Thieves (2018) | Sometimes Consistency Trumps Novelty

Christian’s Gudegast’s Den Of Thieves isn’t the sort of movie that breaks new ground. It is what it is, a well-acted ensemble police procedural starring Gerard Butler, Pablo Schrieber and Curtis Jackson.

And that’s okay because when something works as well as this does you don’t need fancy gimmicks or showiness to get your point across.

The story revolves around a special police unit headed by Gerard Butler who has to deal with an elite group of thieves, let by Pablo Schrieber.

That being said, it’s finale is a bit derivative of The Usual Suspects though minus the smarter-than-thou pretentiousness but as a whole it’s also a lot more grounded, making it significantly more satisfying.

It also doesn’t help that Gudegast as a person doesn’t appear to have the more than considerable baggage that Bryan Singer appears to carry.

There’s a sequel planned and I’m hoping that it’s more successful than the original because, while successful enough to warrant a sequel, this movie deserves to reach a greater audience.

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