Review – Ozark: Season Three | A Good Series Gets Even Better

Netflix’s Ozark was a good series that during it’s first two seasons but never quite reached greatness because–in my humble opinion–it tended to be a bit over-written and stylistically excessive (why was Season Two tinted blue again)?

Season Three addresses most of the problems I found with Seasons One and Two (the aforementioned filters, Jonah Byrd’s (Skylar Gaertner) fixation with dead things) and instead focuses more on the situation that the Byrds happen to be in and how it effects the people around them.

It’s fascinating television though I couldn’t write a review of Ozark without mentioning Julia Garner (Ruth Langmore) who’s just incredible among a cast filled with remarkable actors though Season Three brings in Tom Pelphrey (Marvel’s Iron Fist) Jessica Frances Dukes who’re great actors in their own right.

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