Thor: Ragnarok And The New Kit

While Marvel Studios has probably one of the most enviable hit-to-miss ratios in Hollywood–14 and 0, including the upcoming Doctor Strange–that’s not to imply that some of their features weren’t weaker than others.  The first movie based on Thor–patterned loosely on a character from Norse mythology–was surprisingly effective, taking a fairly outlandish character and imbuing […]

A Case For Lesser Known Directors

Some people are critical of Marvel using lesser known directors for the superhero properties–the main one being that they’re cheaper than better known talent.  This relates directly to rumors that they’re considering  Rick Famuyiwa and Ava DuVernay, for upcoming Marvel projects. And while their relative inexpensiveness is undeniably a factor, I don’t think it’s nearly as important as […]

Terminator: Genisys – Trailer 2 & 3 (Japanese Trailer)

Till now I haven’t posted anything–that I can recall, at any rate–from the upcoming Alan Taylor-directed followup to Terminator: Salvation, Terminator: Genisys. Though I have a reason:  Namely, I expect this movie to premiere with a small splash, and quickly vanish without a trace. It’s less a question of franchise fatigue that ham-handedness on the part […]

Edgar Wright Has Left Marvel’s ‘Ant-Man!’

It’s all over the Interwebs that Edgar Wright (Shawn Of The Dead, Hot Fuzz, The World’s End) has left Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man over “creative differences.”  While I think that this wasn’t a great move on Wright’s part–Marvel Studios movies tend to be huge, virtually guaranteeing that their whomever directs one of them access to bigger and better things, […]

‘Thor: The Dark World’ Review

Before seeing Alan Taylor’s follow-up to “Thor,” “Thor: The Dark World,” I happened to read a few reviews.  Some were particularly insulting and mean-spirited, while others seemed not to have seen the first film, which is OK; but don’t complain about understanding the origin of Thor and the rest of the Asgardians when you can’t motivate […]

Thor 2 Helmer Found

According to Deadline, Alan Taylor, of HBO’s “A Games of Thrones,” will be helming Marvel’s “Thor 2” after Patty Jenkins left the project for “creative reasons.” “Creative reasons” is in quotes because whatever was the real reason that Jenkins left the project, I am not sure that creativity had anything to do with it.