Terminator: Genisys – Trailer 2 & 3 (Japanese Trailer)

Till now I haven’t posted anything–that I can recall, at any rate–from the upcoming Alan Taylor-directed followup to Terminator: SalvationTerminator: Genisys.

Though I have a reason:  Namely, I expect this movie to premiere with a small splash, and quickly vanish without a trace.

It’s less a question of franchise fatigue that ham-handedness on the part of the people who’s been in charge since James Cameron’s reign. That being said, Savation didn’t do too badly–earning just over $373 million on a $200 million budget–though I get the feeling that Genisys isn’t coming cheap, so it could be a case of throwing good money after bad.

Though oddly enough, I don’t mind the spelling of ‘Genesis,’ which is better than the monstrosity that is ‘Syfy (the name, not the network).’

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