REview: Gods Of Egypt (2016) | Not As Good As It Should Be, Though Better Than You Think

Alex Proyas’ fantastical Gods Of Egypt isn’t nearly as bad as a lot of it’s detractors would like you to think it is (though it’s also not nearly as good as it should have been). One criticism you hear a lot is that the movie is white-washed–and at first glance that may appear a valid […]

Gods Of Egypt – Trailer 2

      I meant to post the latest Gods Of Egypt trailer yesterday.  I didn’t because I haven’t gotten around to changing my iMac’s hard drive–I don’t own any Torx screwdrivers, though I intend to remedy that over the weekend.  As a result this is my first post made entirely on an iPad.  From images […]

Practically Speaking

If you’re a big fan of movies, particularly horror and sci-fi, you’ve probably taken a position on whether or not movies should use CGI (computer-generated imagery) or practical effects (which include prosthetics, animatronics, models and miniatures). Personally, I am a HUGE fans of practical effects.  That being said, I understand that there are things that you […]

‘The Crow’ Remake Goes Forward

It appears that The Weinstein Co. and Relativity Pictures have settled a lawsuit over the reboot of Alex Proyas’s 1994 film, “The Crow,” and both instead intend to work on the film. The question I have is why, since the various sequels (“The Crow: City of Angels,” “The Crow: Salvation,” and “The Crow: Wicked Prayer,” […]

‘Paradise Lost’ Feature Film

Milton’s Paradise Lost will be coming soon to a theater near you, by way of Alex Proyas (of “The Crow,” “Dark City,” “I, Robot,” etc), though my question is when did Alex Proyas–a very talented director, by the way–take the helm of this project? That being said, I suspect that as long as he’s allowed to […]