Gods of Egypt – Trailer 2

I really want to like this movie.  I have had a fascination with Egypt for most of my life–and the tattoo to prove it!–and want to really like it.
I’ve also enjoyed most of the movies from Alex Proyas–particularly Dark City, which I liked despite it being written by David Goyer, who based on what I know of him (which is admittedly little) I cannot stand.
The second trailer for Gods of Egypt is better than the first.  It’s doesn’t give away anything more than the first one did–which is good, or we might have another Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice-type situation on our hands–but it’s less frenetic, and reveals more of the fascinating production design of the movie.
The visuals remind me of Enki Bilal’s Immortal (which you should see if you’re able. It’s a pretty interesting study in contrasts) with a brighter color palate–a good thing!–though more optimistic.
If only Proyas and Lionsgate had extended that color palate to the cast, God of Egypt might be a must-see.

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