Is Apple 00Crazy!?

I just read in The Hollywood Reporter that Apple is reportedly vying for the rights to distribute James Bond (along with Amazon, Sony and Warner Bros) movies, which I am trying to get my head around.

Now keep in mind such a move would likely give Apple exclusive access to Bond’s entire back catalog (as well as future releases) though doesn’t Apple–via iTunes–already have this (on an unexclusive basis)?

It’s worthy repeating that Apple isn’t buying the right to produce Bond movies (that would be a serious coup) but the right to distribute them, though seeing that movie theaters will continue to be with us (though perhaps the window from theaters to digital would shorten) there would have to be a considerable effort to expand to other media; a risky effort because not only would you have to be not only concerned about the failure of a particular venture, but of diluting or damaging the franchise as well).

After all, do you remember a cartoon called James Bond Jr (Nor does anyone else; that’s not a bad thing if you’re able to digest the uber-cheesy theme song)?

I suspect part of what makes James Bond such an institution is it’s exclusivity, which seemingly would directly conflict with Apple’s (and Amazon’s long-term plans).

Besides, if Apple Apple really wanted content, they could relatively easily buy a film studio.


Arrested Development Better Than None At All

Netflix, looking to differentiate themselves from Amazon and Hulu, have begun to develop original series, with an unspoken benefit of a (mild) lessening of the hold that content providers (such as Starz which is pulling their content from the network in 2012) currently have.

The development of original series is a smart move for the network, the announcement of which helps to distract from some of the recent terrible managerial decisions  that have hurt the company’s reputation and sent its stock price to new lows.

The first of those original series, “House of Cards,” is still in development, though the resumption of “Arrested Development” is probably most on people’s minds.  It’s due in 2013, and I think that most of the original cast will be present.