Trailer Into REaction: Boss Level (2021) | Official Trailer

I recently canceled by subscription to Hulu, mainly because between free Tubi, Netflix and Amazon it felt like a bit of an also-ran (I had the tier with commercials because even at that point the value proposition never quite worked for me). It goes without saying that literally the day I cancel my subscription I […]

Dune Made Who!? Dune Made You!

I honestly don’t think there’s a such thing as an ‘unfilmable’ novel–not any more, at any rate–especially with so many ways to present a work. You could choose network television–which brings certain advantages–or maybe HBO or Starz, or streaming options like Amazon or Netflix. You have to match the material to the venue. This is […]

Is Apple 00Crazy!?

I just read in The Hollywood Reporter that Apple is reportedly vying for the rights to distribute James Bond (along with Amazon, Sony and Warner Bros) movies, which I am trying to get my head around. Now keep in mind such a move would likely give Apple exclusive access to Bond’s entire back catalog (as […]

Arrested Development Better Than None At All

Netflix, looking to differentiate themselves from Amazon and Hulu, have begun to develop original series, with an unspoken benefit of a (mild) lessening of the hold that content providers (such as Starz which is pulling their content from the network in 2012) currently have. The development of original series is a smart move for the […]