REview: Absentia (2011) | An Early Entry In Mike Flanagan’s Filmography, Best Suited For Completists

I don’t think I’m being hyperbolic when I say that Mike Flanagan is among the best – if not the best – directors currently working in horror. And you likely noticed that “Mike Flanagan” isn’t either Guillermo Del Toro, James Wan or Andy Muschietti. And that’s because Del Toro – while never far from the […]

Del Toro’s Fantastic Voyage

Guillermo Del Toro ranks among my favorite directors, though what I have seen–which is exclusively the trailer–of The Shape of Water left me underwhelmed. Color palette-wise it feels a lot like Blade II, while story-wise and visually it feels like The Further Adventures of Abe Sapien (though part of me hopes the movie is a backdoor […]

The Shape of Water – Trailer

Guillermo Del Toro is, visually speaking, one of the most distinctive directors working today. The way he lays out a scene, the color palette he uses…typically unique and unlike any anyone else. So, why am I (atypically) lukewarm toward his latest project, The Shape of Water? Maybe because it looks very much like things we […]

The Strain Trilogy Is Coming To A Television Near You! (As Long You Have Cable, That Is)

Guillermo Del Toro is, it goes without saying, one of my favorite directors working today.  His work is always interesting, even if doesn’t make billions of dollars.  He’s been working with Legendary Pictures since “Pacific Rim,” which did OK at the boxoffice. I haven’t heard anything about a sequel, though he’s currently working on “Crimson […]

The State of Special Effects

Above is a video of a partial animatronic (a covered skeletal armature that use various methods to mimic the motion of a human, animal, or imaginary being) test for the movie “I Am Legend” from Steve Johnson FX.  It was not used in the final film, though considering the designs that were, is disappointing.